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Welcome to Shell Intilaaqah

Shell Intilaaqah is a Royal Dutch Shell social investment programme that aims to help young people around the world explore the option of starting their own business as a real and viable career option.  Its objective is to provide support and access to guidance to young entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs.  Young is defined specifically in each country of programme operation but is usually between the ages of 18 and 32.

Here you will be able to find information on the Shell Intilaaqah programme including where it operates and what it aims to achieve.  You will also be able to follow links to local programmes and websites.

Shell Intilaaqah is an adoption of the Livewire international programme, which Shell implemented and running in more than 20 countries in the world until now.

Each Shell Intilaaqah country programme closely reflects local context, specific local partnerships and of course local young people.  Whilst every Shell Intilaaqah programme shares common themes it is unique in its particular country mix and approach each programme is tailored to its host country's own mix of opportunities, culture and situation.      

All programmes seek to add value to existing local policies and other initiatives providing support for the development of young people and their economic future.

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Latest News
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    Intilaaqah Egypt’s five-day “Module 1” training has been rolled out to a group of 15 special needs (deaf and mute) participants in Alexandria. In August 2009, Intilaaqah Egypt has t...
    Intilaaqah-Syria programme conducted a “how to become a successful owner manager” training course in Homs (the middle are...

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